1/kp Großdeutchland


Erste Kompanie Grossdeutchland (1/kp GD) is a unit of World War II reenactors whose impression is that of the common German infantry soldier between 1943 and 1945.

Take on the uniform of WWII’s common man at arms: his legacy of bravery and steadfastness should never be forgotten. Through the live-action reenactment of battles, the authentic recreation of military camp life, and everything in between, take a realistic look at a soldier's life in the German Wehrmacht. 1/kp GD seeks to keep history alive for our generation and the next, while honoring those who lived through World War II in a very real way.

The unit's primary goal is to take knowledge gained from history and from the first-hand experiences of WWII veterans still telling their stories, and to spread that knowledge to the general public by participating in organized reenactments.

1/kp GD carries out this goal by recreating the lifestyle of the common soldier in the field and German tactics of WWII, using original and exact replica uniform parts, weaponry and equipment with the utmost accuracy possible.

Local to the Midwestern states, 1/kp GD takes part in
many public WWII reenactment events.

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Erste Kompanie Grossdeutchland
WWII German Reenacting Unit 

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